The spaces are overloaded. It is not clear where the space of a particular subject exists. The city chaos and turmoil blend individual spaces. The distinctive substance of a separate entity is not definite; it is difficult to differentiate between the subject's own reality and yet another reflection in the continuous flow of the others' realities. Subjective reality can not exist autonomously: it would not be able to evolve. However, one should permanently remember/remind/ return to a search for a pure minimalist foundation round in which the surrounding reality is revolving maniacally.


The modern city is one of the ultimate expressions of chaos. The entangled streams of people, information - and visual noise flows ruin the individuality of particular subjects and the space as such. The noise pollution not only deprives the subject of the possibility of reflection but, rather, deflates the basics of this reflection. Any analysis is based on secondary details, not on pure lines of the mainstay of space. The search for a framework of reality requires clearing the space off conglomerations. The carcass becomes the ground for a new building. The new building of the subject does not need to be minimalistic/pure/abstract. But, being built/fathomed/sensed from the very beginning, it ceases to be unstable and airy. The artist/observer/transmitter of the carcass, for his/her part, deprives the viewer of the possibility of interpreting the project through superstructures and secondary details. And simultaneously, he/she deprives himself/herself of the possibility to impose these interpretations. The purified space enables one to return to the ideas of emptiness/asceticism/minimalism, while not postulating them as true but fixing them as a possible reference point that becomes a bridge between emptiness and full-fledged reality. Ultimately, the space deprived of external noise enables one to perceive these noises from the position of the outside observer.