[Re] Mapping of Being - Landscape/Cavescape/Humanscape

(Re) Mapping of Being originates in a place-memory from the Second World War hidden under many layers of earth. It is part of Dunke-Dunk Artistic Research, an interdisciplinary project in which artists use a continual field approach to (re)read the history of the inhabitants of Sørøya in northern Norway, who went into hiding in the caves of the region in the winter of 1944/45.

VIS – Nordic Journal for Artistic Research



*Conference on Artistic Research SAR



*Serge von Arx
Eliot Moleba
Thursday, April 20, 2023 - 14:00


MAY 26-28 12:00 - 19:00 PM

The Void Song
Listen, Human Women

Performance dates: 
05/26 - 7 pm
05/27 - 2.30 pm
05/28 - 2.30 pm


3-13-7 Kyojima, Sumida City, Tokyo. 131-0046
Open: 12.00 - 19.00 pm 

ONA Project Room, Tokyo, JP






MAY-AUGUST 21.05-21.08

Touching The Reflection

PARABOL is a collaboration with Kunsthall 3.14, where Lydgalleriet selects a sound work for the parabolic loudspeaker sited in Kunsthall 3.14's entrance hall. PARABOL has a particular focus on sonic commissions and edits and offers a mode of address corresponding with the exhibitions in the main upstairs spaces. Touching the Reflection by IIA KO is curated by Emilie Wright and Julie Lillelien Porter in relation to the exhibition Fallow Land by Patrick Huse.


Kunsthall 3.14 Bergen, NO






Series of Radio Performances at the S-Bahn stations; Frankfurt am Main



Time: 11:15-13:00
Venue: KHiO Library

Panel-Discussion: Same, similar, different and other— A cartographic exploration of an exposition from Sørøya Exposition


Listen to the dunkedunk of a boat amidst the roaring arctic sea, bringing you to Sørøya: you are off the coast of Finnmark. You want to go and spend time in a cave. Here you will still hear the noising sea, but also place yourself in time: you are now, the cave is old, during WWII the cave has a place for listening and transmitting radio-signals. Here you are in the Herzian field… you realise that it still exists in the perimeter of digital equipment, bordering unto a very physical world. You are in the realm of an exposition: and for a time it will be your site. We will share this with your during ARW 24 in a panel featuring: Nataliia Tsyu-Korotkova, Nina Tsybolskaia and Theodor Barth.


Komagome SOKO is pleased to announce a group show, “motivated bodies” by Fumimaro Ayano, Kaho Hayakawa, Chaelin Joen, Rin Takahashi, Natalie Tsyu, and Yuto Yonemura,

Dates: Sat. March 30 - Sun. April 21, 2024
Hours: 12:00 - 18:00 *Closed on Mon., Tue., and Wed.
Opening reception:  March 30 16:00 -



*The artist's name was changed in 2023: from Nataliia Korotkova (IIAKO) to Natalie TSYU ©