Fermentation Room

The Melting Stones of Our Being 


Tonesou House

Toride; Japan




/The fermentation is a process that takes place constantly without intervention or human interference, with some aspects of which we have tinkered with and now also use for our purposes, something in between’/

As a result of enzymes or under the influence of microorganisms, there is a process of fermentation that takes place in the constant interaction of us as those who leave invisible traces of fermentation in coexistence and implication with the places whose landscapes lose their borders through fusion with our being. 

The place you are in - you can choose to stay or be or leave, your being as staying, leaving, will lead you to become part of the fermentation time between two rooms, where your being, staying or leaving, will affect someone who will either stay or leave in the time of coexistence. Your fermentation time will coalesce within a  sound machine which circulates between the time of paste of being and past sojourn: by leaving traces in that in-between rooms, by touching stones which were falling down as a part of widening road constructions in a place with we call nature of our being, where you are unable to stay as long as you wish to be, as you are the one who will disappear in the shadow of the inhumanity of our human presence.

photo: Hsin Wei Chen