Oslo; Norway 

Seilduken Gallery 1




Composed by 

Katarina Skår Lisa, Simen Korsmo Robertsen, 

Mingxuan Tan and Nataliia Korotkova



Spacing Between Us is a durational performance installation piece composed by the four artists with the background of performance art, visual art and design. Within the framework of the joint project, the artist's collaboration is looking for ways to share the subjective feelings of their personal, individual spaces to the viewers. The overflow of people, objects, and streams of information in both the virtual space and the physical space no longer leave us with a place to carefully build our intimate universe. Therefore, it is crucial to practicing conveying mental images accurately without tangling them with external chaos.




The feeling of a place arises through perception:


through subconscious relations and the conversation


between the person and the place.





How to dance in the terrain of life?





This place is timeless in the present;  


you and me will find ourselves in a silent dialogue 


where you will be a guest.