The Soil



Toride; Japan





The soil from Fukushima

The touch from you



The abandoned place is covered with a new layer of dense-packed soil, the soil that has long ceased to breathe, the soil that has turned into a dense layer of surface that does not lead to normality. The normality of surface touch is called the one that has an eccentrical indicator of digital normality (~58 Sv/h). Normality that will cover the earth with a new layer of soil, touching only with the memory of the one that lay before it. 
[Decontamination] is a process that layer by layer replaces one normality with another, layer by layer forming a utopian dense packed foundation of our new normality. While the previous layer is eliminated, rammed, packed, and delicately covered. In the process of packaging, a form of a peculiar paradigm of  [Self-Contamination] is born, where the utopia of normality returns to a familiar safe existence, which is amazed by this force that, despite everything, makes everyday life ordinary and habitual. The elimination of the layers of the earth almost takes the form of excavations, only the one where layer after layer of information is so diligently trying to hide. Does the liquidation of excavations lead to de-archeologization? The black plastic that is used to separate the [normal Soil] from the [elimination of Touch] through its insulation wraps up the very reality that we are so carefully trying to return to normality, denying the acceptance that new normality is hiding inside these black plastic bags. The soil that keeps in itself the touches of a life lived, the touches of time that have forever replaced normality, closing access to time that has been eliminated.