Sounding Lab


Space of Transition

Toride; Japan




This lab is based on Natalie’s current artistic research in Hokkaido, where the tradition of the oral song is preserved in the DNA of the local landscape to this day. During one of her field trips, the artist came across a booklet of Hokkaido veterinarians that among other things contained notes about the diseases circulating in indigenous communities, notes on plants, and natural medicines as such. This opened up space for such a question: How can the ability of the immune system become a form of sound vibrations that, in their experimental form, reveal to us their knowledge about landscapes that preserve the oldest fragile traditions of the transition from human beings to living beings, from oral form to material one, from human to nonhuman? As a result, Natalie created a laboratory space: Sounding Lab, where through a sensitive installation sound goes between several stages of circulation and infection, and eventually forms its own significant form of immunity.