Oslo; Norway



Project includes: 

An endless pagebook

as a space

as a book

'In walking their stories - predecessors leave footprints for successors to follow' 

Tim Ingold

The rhythms of steps are similar to the rhythms of dialogue with the city, each of which has the right to freedom of personal narration.

Whether steps are able to tell our story? When we move from day to day in the loneliness of urban space, do we know that it is loneliness that can unite us in the flows of urban structures? Where each of us becomes an element of one big social process; 

What happens when the space of steps is embodied in physical space?

'Stepping' is the physical embodiment of every day movement; an endless page for an outside observer demonstrating the daily movement of a stranger. Book-space, in its very turn, suggests taking a walk in this movement: a social walk where you can try to measure your daily walk in a moment of relocation.