The Void Song



Toride, Japan




Circulation space

The touch of a grain of rice passes many circles in a circle, through the circulation of water, forgetting the singing of the native landscape  

Mainland: Farmland, Riceland, Land of power 
Archipelago: Floatingland, land of oral culture, a container of the islands and immunity, isolation land

Salt, water, rice, shrimp, bone strengthening pills, immune boosting pills, bear cry

Structure Elements:
Stone, metal, silicone tubes, alligator clips


Geographical isolation and the immune system of the territories are two important features without studying which we will not be able to delve into the distinctness of the floating land, the knowledge that only oral texts preserve, the knowledge rooted beyond the borders of the mainland, the deep ecological knowledge that pulsates in these very floating soil. 


In horticulture, there are two fundamental directions for crossing and so for the development of a new living form - budding and grafting. Can we develop this methodology to investigate the isolated archipelago system, both in terms of cultural and economic positions in relation to the riceland, and in terms of the immune system of the region through the sound and linguistic landscape, to find a specific immunity formula for the isolated landscape? A landscape that was once heavily influenced from outside, but which at the same time retained the knowledge of which non/living forms had been destroyed and which had developed immunity and strengthened in a transformed environment. 

The Void Song is the first preliminary stage in the construction of an ecological infrastructure, where the intersection of visual art and sound helps to form such an isolated laboratory that only sounds at times when there are internal changes, such as: temperature, water conditions, the appearance and dissolution of living organisms, salt indicators and body behaviour.